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About The Lamson Group

The Lamson Group started trading in 1990 with only one employee, one press and one collator, gradually building its niche in the marketplace as a Trade Only Partner. It was soon realised that our greatest asset is the integrity with which we conduct our business and the principle of working with over 800 channel partners to help them help their customers. We recognise and value the fact that if we don’t take care of our customers, somebody else will. It is for this reason that our core values are that which we hold in the highest esteem - Trust, Integrity and Partnership.


The Lamson Paragon Group of Companies is comprised of Lamson ParagonPaper Rolls AustraliaCheque-MatesFairplay Print and Integrated Office Solutions. With a long and very successful history in the print and communication industries and with distribution capabilities Australia wide, the group can accommodate and provide and extensive range of poducts and services to a multitude of businesses and commercial operations.


All companies in the Group maintain the same first-class level of customer service to ensure your specific needs are not only met but exceeded. We are here to build your business, so let the Lamson Group help you help your customer!

Group History

The Lamson Paragon name has been operating in Australia since 1897. It was originally established to manufacture sales docket books that deployed the then new technology of carbon paper. Invented by the Canadian, Samuel Moore, of Moore Business Forms, the technology was licensed to the English company Lamson Paragon Pty Ltd to promote the product in Europe and the British Commonwealth. Factories were progressively opened in France, Italy, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as two in Great Britain.


The existing Lamson Paragon Pty Ltd was registered in 1983 out of respect, but only started trading in 1990. The company’s founder worked for the original Lamson Group for 16 years and had formed good relationships with all sectors of the industry. Starting with one employee, one press and one collator, it gradually created a niche in the marketplace as a Trade Only supplier. Its greatest asset is the integrity that informs how it conducts its business, along with the guiding principle of always working pro-actively with channel partners to help their customers. The company quickly recognised and championed the truism: ‘If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will’. It is for this reason that its core values of Trust, Integrity and Partnership are held in the highest esteem.


The growth of The Group was fuelled by the needs of its partners, typified by the birth of Cheque-Mates: a Trade Only Mailing and Communication business. Within a few years, some customers were requesting a need for a reliable trustworthy supplier of thermal paper rolls, which in turn led to the acquisition of Paper Rolls Australia. We then expanded our footprint to The Philippines via Integrated Office Solutions giving our Partners the chance to setup teams in Manila which allows them to compete and future proof their businesses. In 2019 we saw the opportunity to bring the Gippsland Trade Printers brand in to our fold and that was met with great enthusiasm.


Each of these new operations benefited from the original principles of integrity, creditability, reliability and empathy ingrained in the reborn Lamson Paragon. To ensure its customers succeed, The Lamson Group has endeavoured over the years to follow the maxim of being ‘Your Partner, Not Your Competition’.



The Group has six operating entities, 130 team members and over 50 pieces of equipment.


We continually respond to our customers’ needs – hence over 50 pieces of equipment – and the market recognises and values our principle to value our customer relationships above all else.


After all this time our integrity remains our greatest asset. We work with people to help them achieve their goals. “Let us help you help your customer”

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